Tan Through Swimwear

Tan Thru Swimwear Sandals Beachwear

Tan through swimwear in a tan through breathable fabric with new designs for 2011. Tan through swimwear light and fast drying. Tan through swimwear is a breathable printed fabric. Yet the tan through swimwear is not see thru. Tan through swimwear is an innovative design that allows for quick evaporation and breathing. Tan through swimwear allows just enough sun in for that all over bronze. And absolutely not see thru even wet or dry. Thirsty prints in snag proof fabric that allows your skin to breath and get sun at the same time. No more obvious tan lines to take away from a sexy wardrobe. Fine tropical graphics blended with comfort and quality will make this swimwear your beachbag favorite. Whether you're at the beach, boating, on vacation, or just relaxing in your yard, these swim suits let you get safe, natural sun right thru your swim suit. Totally safe, comfortable and as easy putting it on. Light wieght, fast drying, cool & comfortable! Keeps your sexiest dresses ever so sexy without any sun lines and an all over bronze. A pool side hit and a must for the beach bunny sun worshippers. The new technology for bathing suits are an ingenious creation that has become very popular these days. Nobody likes to see sun lines! What's The secret? These bathing suits are made of a revolutionary fabric woven with thousands of tiny pores that allow the sun to shine through the suit while remaining opaque. It creates an optical illusion of sorts that works extremely well even on the most modest of beaches.

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Aqua Illusion Bikini

Alluring string bikini with sassy triangle top and high french cut bottoms for a classic surfs up combination. Blue and aqua surf board and island palms theme.
Free Shipping On This Suit!

(36097) Size 7/8 $64

Flora Del Sol Tan Through
Sport Halter Bikini

Colorful floral pattern from the mysterious
islands. Jungle florals pour over this Solar
swimsuit with a french bottom and V-neck
support halter top with clasp closure.
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(21557) Size 7/8 $60

Cooltan Tan-Through Women's Swimwear

Tan Through Swimwear 2011

One Piece Swim Suits All New Designs and Colors!

Cooltan tan-through bikinis

Tribal Aqua One Pc.

Capture all the attention while wearing this open
back sports low cut one piece. Comfortable high
thigh cut and criss-cross strap open back give
maximum skin exposure while giving great frontal
coverage. Free Shipping On This Suit!

(36217) Size 7/8 $68

(36212) Size 11/12 $68

(36212) Size 15/16 $68

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Red Hot String Bikini

The sun and fun standard triangle top
string bikini in bold red with a hint of
dark splash. The perfect eye catcher
for the heat of summer.

Style 863770
Sizes 5/6-13/14

Blue Aztec Tank

Splashy blue design that yearns for
the water. Fresh and sassy look in
a one-piece tank with high-cut sides
and a low cut back.

Style 813320
Sizes 5/6-13/14

Tan Through Swimwear

Tan Through Swimwear

Red Sea Brasilian
Cut and Halter Top

Nearly solid red design by Cooltan
for a bold and bright impression.
Incredibly cool and comfortable the
fabric allows ample sun penetration.

Style 865774
Sizes 5/6-13/14

Women's 1pc  Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

Women's 1pc Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

1-piece Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuits. Eliminate tan lines with Cooltan swimsuits. They let sunlight through like a medium level sunscreen.

2pc String Bikini Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

2pc String Bikini Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

COOLTAN tan-through halter-top 2-piece swimsuits let you get a safe, natural tan right through your suit... like a medium level sunscreen!

Women's RedSea Cooltan Tan-Through 2-piece swimsuit

Women's RedSea Cooltan Tan-Through 2-piece swimsuit

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuits are the incredibly cool and comfortable swimsuits that let you tan right through the fabric, perfect at the beach, pool, or anytime you are outdoors.

Cooltan Tan Through Womens 2pc Swimwear

Tan Through Swimwear

Brand New Two Piece Designs For 2010!

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Shirts

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